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Functional English Course

WELCOME TO Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association


Parle TilakVidyalaya Association (PTVA) is a premier educational institution running schools and colleges in Mumbai Suburb. Among the schools there are two Marathi medium schools. One of them was established in 1921 whereas the other one was established in 1970. Thereafter PTVA established English Medium School in 1982.English medium schools attracted parents and they preferred English medium schools over Marathi medium schools.Over the years it was observed that not the English Medium but English language was the main attraction. Parents preferred Marathi medium schools provided their children get some sort of education in English language.

PTVA then decided to introduce special training in English language for Marathi medium students. After consulting educationist a course was designed and the course was known as Functional English Course.This was designed by educationist Mrs. MeenalParanjape and started in 1993. Since then Mrs. Paranjape has been associated with PTVA in running this course.


  1. To introduce Marathi Medium students English language at right age
  2. To alleviate fear of English language
  3. Improve language skills, by using different technique

Syllabus in brief

Students from Standard 3rd 
Level: Grade 1

Introduction of English Language
Emphasis on Listening and speaking skills
Reading preparation with the help of flash cards
Phonic reading and basic spelling patterns

Students from Standard 4th 
Level Grade 2

Further vocabulary building with the PROJECT FARM HOUSE
Basic simple sentences
More spelling patterns
Prepositions and Pronouns

Students of Standard 5 
Level Grade 3

Complex spelling patterns
Tenses Grammar and small compositions
Role play of general simple every day situations

Students of Standard 6 
Level Grade 4

Cambridge syllabus Level 1
Focus on the Cambridge vocabulary list.
All the 4 language skills are given equal importance.

Students of Standard 7 
Level Grade 5

Complete focus on Cambridge exam pattern. Students are groomed in all the 4 skills.

Students of Standard 8 
Level Grade 6 Advanced course

We have 2 goals for this grade.

Our first goal is to prepare students in important parts of Grammar and writing skill needed for 10th std.

Our second goal is to equip the students with the skills required at college level and in the world in general.

These skills are 1] Tapping various sources of information 2] Organizing and editing the information 3] Presentation To make it in to a learning experience each student selects a topic for research. Each student is assigned to a teacher - guide. They learn to collect information from the internet, library etc. They learn to organize their material. They present their topic as a part of their speaking exam. Some of them also make power point presentation.

YLE is the only Cambridge exam for young learner

Cambridge Young Learners English tests (CYLE)

CYLE tests are international tests administered by British Council to assess the proficiency of English language particularly of the children whose mother tongue is not English. Children of many non English speaking countries, such asGermany, Spain, Japan, China etc, appear for these tests. The assessment of the tests follows common European framework set up for language assessment. In India the CYLE tests are administered by British Council office.

First batch of Students appeared in 2002.Consistenly appearing for these tests since then.

In all levels 900students every year take to this English Conversation Course. This is nearly 40% of the total strength of Marathi medium school.

Teachers :

Teachers are Graduate and special training is given to them for teaching English in this class. The programs are also conducted to train teachers of other Marathi medium schools 18 teachers in PTVA