Space Exhibition: सौरमंडलम् – The Sun Family

Space Exhibition Stall No. 2 – PTVA’s Eng. Medium School Andheri, Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th January 2023

‘सौरमंडलम् : The Sun Family’

A theme based live programme ‘The Planet Show’ will be performed by the students on the stage outside the stall.

Inside the stall, there will be three different models:

  1. Model of the Solar System which was explained by the students (Role Play).
  2. A model explaining solar and lunar eclipses.
  3. A model explaining ‘Phases of the Moon’.

There was a Quiz Corner near the exit gate of the stall where the viewers can answer questions based on the above-mentioned topics and will be rewarded with a small star sticker for answering correctly.